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Treat phobias in virtual reality
How to cure phobias in virtual reality?
The main goal of virtual reality exposure therapies is to immerse the patient in a progressive way in the face of the object of his disorder. For each phobia treated, several exposure steps are available, and can be repeated to infinity.
The application and the environments are entirely realized by our teams of engineers and graphic designers in house. Protocols and specifications are written by our scientific committee made up of health professionals and university hospitals.
The benefits of virtual reality are numerous: patient safety, no trips outside the office (for aviophobia for example), comfort of care, privacy, better graduation of environments and the possibility of repeating the scenes to infinity.
C2Phobia: State-of-the-art technology for treating anxiety disorders
CE marked medical device, the C2Phobia tool is very easy to use and easy to handle. Designed by mental health professionals, psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists, for their colleagues, it immerses the patient in a virtual environment ultra realistic. Wearing the virtual reality helmet and accompanied by the therapist, the patient is gradually exposed to different levels of anxiety according to his pathologies.
The treatment of the most common phobias is now accessible since our application (claustrophobia, acrophobia, fear of driving ...) and other care will soon benefit from the contribution of virtual reality such as fear of blood or still the fear of water.
Practical case example: How to cure vertigo?
Thanks to C2Phobia's virtual reality environments, exposure at different heights is very easy.
Depending on the patient's anxiety and level of tolerance, you can expose him to the ground floor or in front of a building (to allow him to realize the heights around him), then to several levels of heights, from the first to the 15th floor to the roof of a skyscraper.
Exposure exercises can be done in many ways. Leaving on balconies, using a glass elevator outside or passing from one building to another by footbridges configurable configurations (with walls, with ropes or without any protection).


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